Core Values

We are committed to the following core values:
  • A Christ-Centered Church. To be a church centered on our common faith in Jesus Christ, which embraces God's people from the diverse cultural, ethnic, educational, and socio-economic backgrounds in our region.
  • An Authentic Worship. To truly worship in a way that pleases God, engages the hearts of believers, and draws unbelievers to faith in Christ.
  • A Welcoming Spiritual Community. To lovingly lead sinners toward life-long allegiance to Christ through baptism, the Lord's Supper, and church membership.
  • Living by Truth and Grace. To shepherd God's people toward Christ-like living through a growing knowledge and love of God as revealed in the Bible and motivated by his grace.
  • A Church-Planting Mission. To fulfill Christ's command to make disciples of all nations by planting churches.
  • A City-Focused Vision. To focus our mission and resources on the needs and opportunities of metro-Providence.



To all who are spiritually weak and seek rest; to all who mourn and long for comfort; to all who struggle and desire victory; to all who are strangers and want fellowship; to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness; and to whomsoever will come, this Church opens wide her doors and offers welcome in the name of the Lord Jesus.